With a new album, our first in more than two years, just a few weeks off, the Beausage Brothers offer a second single from the Covid-era hiatus. The time away has given us a chance to reflect on our sources — Americana, folk- and country-rock, jangle-pop — and to revisit the music that shaped us, as well as to re-imagine where we might take it all. It’s been lonely, but good things can come from being alone.

Writing and recording “The Opposite Is True” was, after the more experimental “Shakespeare in the Park,” kind of a personal indulgence. It’s a chance to revel in our love of the jangle pop/rock of the ’60s and ’70s. It’s a song made for the radio of that era: 12-string shimmer, country- and Beatle-based harmonies, and a lyrical twist on first love. (Oh, and there is mandolin, as well.) You’ll find much of the album to follow more musically adventurous. But the truth is that, with this tune, we really couldn’t help ourselves. Hope you enjoy it, and much more to follow soon!

DSC_0468 - Version 5.jpg